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    Welcome to our online Water Education resource site

    These resources have been created by Dragon Breath Theatre to accompany our 2015 immersive performance event A Crack in Time at Papplewick Pumping Station Museum in Nottinghamshire. They also provide a legacy for schools to develop their own inter-disciplinary water curriculum.

    This resource draws from, and extends, the two-year (2011-13) Get WET action research project at the Centre for Advanced Studies in the Education Department at the University of Nottingham (www.getwet.org.uk). We are indebted to the children, teachers, artists and academics who participated in Get WET, and who inspired us to make a piece of theatre about the importance of Papplewick to public health in C19th Nottingham, and to question how we should manage the life giving and precious resource of water today, and in the future.

    We hope you will use this Resource alongside the Get WET site, which outlines the pedagogical principles behind the original action research, and posts documentary films which demonstrate some of the work we offer here.

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    The activities and resources are grouped on the Curriculum Map according to their curriculum areas, and linked by key disciplinary concepts. All the activities and links are in PowerPoint form for ease of use and printing. The PowerPoints include links across the curriculum map, curriculum extensions, and links to some of the films on the Get WET site.

    We recommend that you begin by investigating the activity What Am I Curious About?, which is located under The Big Idea - an understanding of the importance water to life. It enables childrenísí curiosity to be at the heart of the project.

    Please let us know what you think about the activities, so we can develop shared practice, via the blog and/or by emailing us at

    To view this curriculum map in pdf version, click here:

    The pdf listing of education resources:

    Nettie Scriven and
    Peter Rumney

    Artistic Directors,
    Dragon Breath Theatre


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Some thoughts from our lead teacher:

Itís good to have an idea as to where you would like the children to go in their learning, but donít be afraid if during a lesson they steer it in a completely different directionÖ always embrace their passion for a certain area and then look back AFTER the session on the learning that has taken place. It will usually be far greater when you have allowed them to take control of the work themselves than if you would have stuck to your plan.

Although we are wanting the children to initiate the areas of learning and areas they want to know more about - e.g. waterfalls or waterproof materials, it is okay at times to introduce them to an area that they are unlikely to think of, as they may not have been exposed to it previously (e.g. virtual water, water management in other countries, or political areas such as water charities).

Whilst on this discovery with the children, the most important thing to remember is that it may also be a time of discovery for you, and that it is okay not to know all the answers but have an idea as to how we can find the answers.

Each time you investigate a topic it will be completely different because the children will come with different experiences and interests.

Marie Gallagher,

Lead Teacher, Dunkirk Primary School

Get WET Action Research Project and A Crack in Time Project

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  • Develop critical thinking and questioning thoughts
    1- Drawing inferences and understanding motives
    2- Considering and evaluating different view points and debates

  • Ability to measure and record

  • An understanding of the processes of science: Questioning, building knowledge, observation, data

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    Gain historical perspective by placing local and historical knowledge into national and international contexts

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    Understanding water as a resource

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