Demand for Water

1- History of Water
2- The Water Cycle & Sherwood Sandstone
3- The Demand for Water
4- Water Supply in Developing Countries

The Demand for Water

It takes 2,000 tonnes of water to grow a tonne of rice, and 1,000 tonnes to grow a tonne of wheat.

Of all water used, 70% goes on agriculture (of which three-quarters evaporates), 22% is used in industry and 8% is for household use.

In the last century, the population of the world has increased three-fold. Water demand has increased six-fold.

More than 1 billion people (about 20% of the world’s population), does not have access to safe drinking water, and 2.4 billion people (40% of the population) lack basic sanitation facilities.

In the UK, the water industry has more than 700,000 km of mains and sewers, enough to stretch to the moon and back.

The UK water industry has 1,584 boreholes, 666 reservoirs, and 602 river abstractions - two-thirds comes from surface water and one-third from ground water.

On average, Severn Trent supplies approximately 250 million litres of water a day to the Nottinghamshire area.

Nottingham gets its water from 2 different sources. The west and south of the city (approx 260,000 people) get water from the River Derwent after being treated from the Church Wilne Water Treatment Works. The north, east and city centre (approx 150,000) get their water from the groundwater Bunter Sandstone areas of Nottinghamshire.

Today, on average, each person in Nottinghamshire uses about 127 litres of water a day. Our grandparents used just 18. On average, a Kenyan uses just 4 litres a day.

An average size bath uses 110 litres, a shower uses 30 litres and a toilet flush uses about 9.5 litres.

A garden sprinkler uses the same amount of water in 1 hour as a family of 4 uses in 2 days.

Washing machines and dishwashers used over 500 billion litres of water in the UK in 2000 alone.

Sources of water supply for Notts
Nottingham’s sources of water supply
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