Nottingham Water Supply

1- Water for Life: The Development of Nottingham’s Water Provision
2- Fresh water for Nottingham: Going Underground
3- A need for greater supply - Papplewick Pumping Station
4- Life at Papplewick
5- The modern Pumping Station
6- The continuing search for water

The modern Pumping Station

During the 1960s the pumping stations at Basford, Bestwood, Boughton and Papplewick were all converted to electricity. Papplewick was the last to be converted in 1969 for the sum of £50,000 although teething problems with the submersible pumps meant that the Beam engines were kept on standby until 1973.

How the modern Pumping Station works:

1. Four submersible electric pumps are located in the original pilot borehole, not in the wells that were pumped by the Beam engines. Approximately 4 megalitres (900,000 gallons) is pumped up from the sandstone each day - that's the amount of water used by 8,200 families in one day.

2. Having reached ground water level the water passes through the disinfection building, where a modern Ultraviolet process removes any bacteria.

3. The water then flows ¾ of a mile to Papplewick Service Reservoir where it is blended with an equal quantity of water from the Derwent Valley Reservoirs in north Derbyshire. The new Papplewick Reservoir was built in 1957 and has a capacity of 9.5 megalitres (2.1 million gallons).

4. Before leaving Papplewick the water is treated with a mixture of chlorine and ammonia sulphate which helps reduce the level of nitrates in the water that has seeped through the ground from modern agricultural fertilizers.

Water from Papplewick Service Reservoir is used to supply all of the Newstead and Ravenshead areas of Nottinghamshire and some of the areas around Linby and Bestwood Village.

Whereas the original Pumping Station was manned by 14 members of staff, the modern electric Station is entirely automated and is operated by computer from Leicester.

Modern Papplewick Pumping Station
The modern pumping station
Modern Papplewick Pumping Station booster pumps
Papplewick Pumping Station booster pumps
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