How Can I Save Water?

1- Why save water
2- How can I save water?
3- How much water do you use
4- Washing clothes
5- Toilet flushing

Why Save Water

Water is a precious resource, and is likely to become more so in the future. It is something we cannot live without. While it sometimes rains a lot, some parts of the country (such as the densely-populated south-east) are much drier than other regions so there is less water for consumers to use.

We also use far more water than previous generations, about 150 litres each every day. This is likely to keep going up. At the same time that we are using more water, climate change forecasts suggest that some parts of England and Wales will experience warmer winters and drier summers. This will mean that there is less water to use.

Because water is precious, it is everyone’s responsibility to use water wisely. Both consumers and the water companies have an important part to play in this.


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